World’s Strangest Machine
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World’s Strangest Machine

While our technical tools and electronic devices are getting smaller, our machines are just getting larger. There are now huge enough aircraft to allow other aircraft to ride, ships that are piled on other ships as cargo, and excavators that need more than one operator in the driver’s seat. All of these machines are mind-blowing, yet there are still bigger and stranger devices out there because we’re not going to be happy until we create something so massive that it can stick its nose into outer space.

Belaz Dump Truck

The hybrid Belaz was built for one thing, for moving the earth. The two 16-cylinder engines get this heavy-duty machine rolling, giving him 13,738 pounds of torque, more than the combined power of 17 heavy-duty pick-up trucks. The company claims that the fully loaded Belaz can lodge around 450 tons of dirt at 25 mph.

Mriya Aircraft

It is a very unique aircraft. It was planned to be the Russian reusable space shuttle air transport system. The maximum take-off weight is 640 tonnes. The Mriya uses six effective jet engines to power. It is 275 feet long and 59 feet high. With a wingspan of 290 ft and 29 ft longer than the Boeing 747 in length. It took enough flying hours to circle the globe 46 times.


It is a floating natural gas center designed to collect, process and warehouse liquid natural gas from deep inside the Earth. The Prelude of 1,600 ft is 300 meters bigger than the Emma Maersk. If it were on one end, it would be 150 feet taller than the Empire State Building.