Weirdest Professional Sports
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Weirdest Professional Sports

We are living in a world where weird has no limitations. Maybe you’ve always thought our species were as normal as we could possibly be until you hear about this shortlist on the weirdest professional sports humanity has ever created. And we all thought we couldn’t get any weirder.

Chess Boxing

If you are guessing how this game is played, the name itself totally gives it all away. This professional sport combines chess, a board game specifically focused on planning, strategy, quick deduction on what your opponent’s move is and yes, boxing, a physical sport played with boxing gloves. It initially started out as a form of performance art, which later on was adapted to become a professional sport.

Extreme Ironing

You might think your mom would win this but think again. This professional sport may be harder than you thought since it involves ironing clothes in different remote locations. Having the thrill of a dangerous adventure and the satisfaction of a properly ironed shirt has never been achieved until this sport was invented.

Man Vs. Horse

This is not a wrestling match between a man and a horse since that would be subjected to animal abuse. It is, however, a marathon between runners and horse riders! Starting out with a long, slow climb and river crossings, which guarantees everyone to be out of breath in this thirty-five kilometer-long course.