Weird Sports You Can Play With Your Friends
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Weird Sports You Can Play With Your Friends

Everybody has learned of soccer, soccer, basketball, tennis, surfing, and cycling, but not everyone knows about these sports on the list. Are you curious about them? Keep reading, because we’ve put together the most unique and entertaining sports in the world, some of which are very weird.

Tuna Tossing

The activity started in the local fishing village of Port Lincoln in South Australia. It was influenced by local villagers who would violently throw fish on their trucks and start using it as a means to mix up a local festival. The winner is the one who manages to throw a 20-pound fish the farthest. Nowadays the rivalry has become a little lighter. The competitors use rubber fish instead.

Toe Wrestling

This game is identical to arm grappling with participants trying to pin their enemy’s toes for 3 seconds. Players battle with their bare legs switching across their left and right legs and play the best of three matches. There are different classes for both men and women. The World Toe Wrestling Championship has been running since the 1970s.

Bog Snorkeling

During the month of August, about a hundred swimmers from all over the world converge in the Welsh town of Llanwrtyd Wells to participate in the yearly World Bog Snorkeling Championships. Everyone will wear flippers and snorkels and finish 2 lengths of the 60-yard trench without using any typical swimming techniques.