Weird online Puzzles You Can Figure Out
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Weird online Puzzles You Can Figure Out

If you’re in a rush for brain activity, online puzzles are a great place to do just that. One popular genre of online puzzle games is made up of multiple levels. They have hints to discovered in the source code, photos, and just about everywhere you look. One part of the puzzle and one part of the detective work, the games mentioned here will give you an immense sense of satisfaction as you unlock the level.


NotPron is a complicated puzzle game. It’s the best puzzle game on the web, according to its maker. But this isn’t the only game on this list to make that claim. Each level includes a clue to get you to the next level. You can switch to the next step by discovering the right spot on the picture you want to click on, by modifying the text in the URL, or by discovering the username and password you want to get through.


OddPawn is a colossal puzzle with over 300 levels that will have you scratching your head. You need to register for a free account to play OddPawn. While the game lets you choose where to start, we would recommend starting with Chapter 1 to ease your way to the tougher levels.


Like the other riddles here, you need to switch the URL to the next level. Answers are concealed in the pictures, in the source code, and in many other locations. Fortunately, there’s a quick guide that’s going to take you through all the different places you can search for answers.