Weird Bands You Should Listen To
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Weird Bands You Should Listen To

Music is one of man’s most creative art forms. With a blank canvas, the more talented artists have tried over the years to build something totally unique. Whether it’s appearance, tone, or both –the realm of imagination knows no limits when it gets to more extreme versions of musical creativity.

The Residents

They are something unparalleled with the rest of the music due to their unearthly stage presence, scandalous avant-garde arrangements, and one of a kind multimedia ventures. They’re more of an organization than a group, they’re deconstructing music rather than creating it, and they’re dealing with the abstract rather than the actual.

Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band

Beginning as an R&B collective in the’ 60s, Captain Beefheart and his band were nominated as the next Rolling Stones. Well, that wasn’t sitting so well with the great captain, so he did his best to be the complete antithesis of that. His discography is in the midst of a small sliver of ordinary music, but mostly a complete disregard for the status quo.

Zolar X

How about getting dressed up in mad space costumes and making an alien language of your own? Yeah, that’s pretty weird. Clad in sparkling clothing, this California-based group is often mentioned as the first glam rock band to arise from L.A. And probably the first to establish their own vocabulary.