Unusual Degree You Can Study
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Unusual Degree You Can Study

We know that sometimes it’s hard to choose whether you’re going to study at college, particularly when the exam season time is running out. But how about doing anything completely different? Here are some of the oddest degrees you didn’t think exist.

Ethical Hacking

Not everyone who tries to hack a device is having bad intentions. After all, someone needs to learn and formulate strategies to combat nasty hacks. Essentially, ethical attackers or hackers are there to discover and repair security vulnerabilities before immoral hackers discover them.


Integrating the art and science of time measurement, you will not only set up a good career in the luxury watch industry, but you will also be able to cultivate your inner entrepreneur if you plan to start your own time-related business.

Cannabis Cultivation

It’s the title of this degree that says it all. You’re finding the best techniques to grow marijuana. You can study and get a degree at Oaksterdam University in California. Undeniably, you’re always shown the theory behind it. One wonders, however, what their realistic training is like.

Sexual Health Studies

A first of its kind in the United Kingdom. The Sexual Health Studies course at UCLan may give rise to a few uncomfortable conversations, but it’s a decent shout for those looking for careers in sexual health services.