Top Emerging Technologies this 2019
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Top Emerging Technologies this 2019

We used to be primates, uncultured, illiterate but all of that has changed. A lot of technologies have become useful to our way of living today. As we continue to shape our world with the power of science and technology, getting to know our top emerging technologies for this year would certainly help.


Most of the world’s plastic isn’t something we recycle therefore the need for biodegradable plastic. An idea promoted the use of cellulose or lignin from plant waste as a main ingredient for bioplastics. This technology will not only provide a more stable economy but slowly contributes to saving the world from one plastic at a time.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is an area of computer science that focuses on creating intelligent machines that would work and react like humans. A core part of AI research is knowledge engineering. With the use of intelligent websites and bots, integrated into daily work AI already has a significant impact on the way customers interact with businesses.

Social robots

Having droid friends and assistants becoming a part of your day to day life will make things go smoother. With today’s robots being able to recognize voices, faces and emotions, we can say we see robots in our future. As a result, taking care of the elderly, educating children and running errands could only be a few of the many tasks our robot friends are capable of.

Smarter Fertilizers

Focusing on the ability of fertilizers to slowly release nutrients when needed is one of the recent improvements done so far. However, these fertilizers still contain substances that harm the environment. Creating an ecologically friendly fertilizer is the end goal of researchers and developers.