The Most Dangerous Food That Can Test Your Spirit
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The Most Dangerous Food That Can Test Your Spirit

Weird food is a list of strange cuisines people consume. Each culture discovers a food that is unusual or repugnant to foreigners. These weird foods are social markers to show who’s a part and who’s not a member of their society. They’re passing it on to the next generation to be part of their culture for centuries.


Fermented Greenland sharks are listed on the list because the species does not have a urinary tract, which ensures that all waste and potentially toxic compounds are absorbed into the meat of the fish.

Casu Marzu

What many people would regard as a gross fare worthy of reality TV. It’s a Sardinians tradition. Marzu is a sheep’s milk cheese that wriggles with live maggots and is prohibited all around the European Union. The creatures infesting this pungent pecorino are not deadly, but they can withstand swallowing and, as a result, cause havoc in your intestinal wall. We’re going to spare you the graphic details. Let’s just say you’re not leaving your bathroom for a couple of days.


When you feel confident, you could also try the Korean presentation of a live baby octopus. Because the cephalopod limbs contain nerves, the extremities continue to move and the suction cups retain their gripping strength even after being separated from the body and dosed with sesame oil. This means that unless you chew the suckers carefully and repeatedly, they can lock your mouth and throat on their way down.