The Mannequin Challenge In Real Life
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The Mannequin Challenge In Real Life

Keep in mind once it was something for #MannequinChallenge? Okay, models now rule India’s roads. And yes, because of the best reasons, which is why they are increasing.

Bangalore police put 30 life-style mannequins throughout the town in such an attempt to counteract traffic. Such evil people are ready, equipped with khaki enforcer vests, coats with reflectors, police caps, shades, even clear hand instructions.

Chief Traffic Officer, Ravi Kanthe Gowdo said in News Minute: “We change the place of the model every day just to warn violent offenders as well as using our staff in places which always really want our exposure.” 

Thus far, the documents of just the police officers in Bangalore have shown a decline of incidents onto the roads in the past few years—from 4,455 in 2017 to 4,133 in 2018. It would seem that chumps have been far more efficient in solving the urban jam that they are using cardboard cutting since their last effort. Take notes.

This makes it easier to identify traffic management. As well as complex systems that really can contribute to traffic non-compliance and helps to identify highway safety objectives. This data shows that security protection TLE activities should be strengthened. That TLE in Hyderabad should be visualized. And that current legal actions as a means of improving traffic safety should be evaluated as successful. 

Suggestions are rendered for the improvement of TLE throughout the specific police assets. In order to enable deep-term advancements in TLE for higher speed limits, more efforts are required for systematic compilation as well as an assessment of TLE data in India.