The FaceApp Scare!
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The FaceApp Scare!

FaceApp has become a very popular app for fun and for audiences of different ages. It has been downloaded by over 12.8 million people. Let’s face it, no one ever reads the terms and conditions or even just skim through it and this is where we fail.

To summarize, the company behind FaceApp has the irrevocable right to access your face. Since most applications do take a lot of your data, this is not new. However, the probability of your data being stolen is high.

A US senator even ordered the Federal Bureau of Investigations and Federal Trade Commission to look into the application. United States seeing this app as a threat certainly brings out a lot of bad news with it. As a result, the CEO, Yaroslav Goncharov, came out and stated that they’re not using photos for anything questionable.

Though their terms and conditions became a concern due to a lot of heavy data breaches in recent times. Despite that, prevention is better than cure. A lot of knockoff FaceApps have surfaced and they do even more than just steal a photo.

Make sure to know more about an app before downloading anything.