Terrible Parenting Tips According to Asian Parents
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Terrible Parenting Tips According to Asian Parents

New parents appreciate small pieces of advice from other people. We’ve seen and read a lot of compilation of advice. Now, it’s time to know what some of the most terrible parenting tips are according to Asian parents.

“Make your child’s nose sharper by pinching it.”

New parents have been told that holding their child’s nose between fingers, pinching it along the base and the tip makes the nose sharper. As a result, your child has a more defined profile if it works but unfortunately it doesn’t. No matter what the shape of your baby’s nose is, you’ll still love your baby.

“Let your baby cry themselves to sleep”

A lot of reading material has somehow supported this terrible parenting tip. However, this is not something you should do. There are a lot of reasons as to why your baby cries, instead of letting your baby sleep it off, find out why and respond quickly.

“Keep your child awake through the day so they sleep through the night”

Many people continue to believe this until now. Remember that your child cannot store sleep so make sure to keep your children rested. Know that if a child is overstimulated and over-exhausted, this bad sleep theory backfires.