Surprisingly Smart Animals
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Surprisingly Smart Animals

If you haven’t heard, human beings aren’t the only intelligent beings on Earth. You might be amazed to find out who else is on the list.


Chimpanzees and humans are extremely comparable, with about 99% of our DNA being shared. Chimps are our nearest living relatives, living in social groups like humans and being able to adapt to distinct settings. Furthermore, chimpanzees can also learn sign language and they walk upright on two legs, and while mainly vegetarians, they occasionally eat meat.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are one of only a couple of species in the animal kingdom that create their own vocal signature by using vocal learning. Early in existence, each dolphin generates an individual identity with its own distinctive vocal whistle. However, each whistle is distinctive, by imitating the whistle of a dolphin they want to interact with, dolphins can call each other. It’s the equivalent of naming one another.


The brains of elephants are larger than any other land animal’s brains, and there are as many neurons in the cortex as a human brain. Elephants capacity to learn is amazing and they are self-conscious as well. These extremely social animals show helpfulness, compassion, and empathy in the wild. However, their trunks and feet produce seismic activity that enables them on a broad variety of topics to interact with each other. In conclusion, elephants are probably the only big mammals that interact with seismic signals on the ground.