Stupid Inventions We Wouldn’t Know if We Could Use
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Stupid Inventions We Wouldn’t Know if We Could Use

If you have ever thought how humanity is doomed then think again right after you check a few of the silliest inventions our kind has created. Maybe we’d rethink how we’ve always said that we wouldn’t last on this Earth after seeing a few of these probably useful or probably useless items. Then decide, whether it is silly or maybe it’s actually not.

Computer Privacy Scarf

Having complete privacy is what we need these days, especially with people looking at your phone during your commute on the bus. This computer privacy scarf will do the trick! Be able to work anywhere without anyone bothering you!

Curved Barrel Machine Gun

Shooting around corners has never been easier with this silly invention. Instead of having a straight end, you may now be able to shoot anyone “Wanted” style! If this isn’t interesting enough then knowing it was created by German and Russian armies during World War II is certainly an interesting fact.

Car Exhaust Grill

With the increasing flow of traffic, we always almost never have time for breakfast. But everything is about to change since with the car exhaust grill, we are able to cook burgers while we head to work. We are not only saving a lot of time but utilizing our car’s powers to its maximum potential!