Social Media Trends Of 2019
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Social Media Trends Of 2019

To get ahead of the market and bring the brand up to date on social issues, you need to be at the top of current social networking trends and developments.   From cool video editing to new-age filtering, we’re covering the top of the 2019 innovative social media trends, as well as the best tools and tricks to help you re-create these trends on your platforms.

Animated Stories

When it comes to social media trends in 2019, doesn’t get much considerably larger than stories. More than five hundred million people use Instagram and Facebook Stories every day. And stories aren’t just waves on Instagram and Facebook. Youtube and Spotify are now also getting caught up with functionalities of in-app stories!


When it relates to content formatting developments, “vintage” has a point right now. Some influencers are working on the trend of light leaks across both their Instagram and Facebook posts. From grain to dust to light leaks — if it looks like it’s recovered from a beating film roll, it’s a complete victory right now.

Video Subtitles

According to surveys, up to 85 percent of Facebook video is now being viewed without sound. So it’s more important than ever to be able to share your message without sound.  And the rise of subtitles isn’t just confined. It’s easily circulating through Twitter, YouTube, and even Pinterest. Using subtitles will help you engage your viewers and increase your retention rate.