Scariest Japanese Movies
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Scariest Japanese Movies

Historically speaking, what fears the typical Japanese person might not be the same thing that scares Western audiences. For early movies like Ugetsu and Kwaidan, the condition of contemporary Japanese horror was expected years ago. By that, Japan’s horror was meant to scare by stories that revere the past. That’s why so many movies in the genre have to do with ghosts and legends.

The Booth

An ambitious radio host called Shogo is compelled to briefly move his late-night show to an old radio channel in which another host committed suicide a few years ago. Shogo experiences a series of strange calls from one audience during his broadcast. As the night goes on, it becomes unclear if Shogo is just dreaming this, or whether there really is some dark force at play in the room.


A girl realizes how everyone in her community has become stuck with spiral forms. It involves the dad of her daughter, who has captured filming snails and fantasizing about Narutomaki. Nevertheless, this growing obsession is lethal, as it causes people to die in unimaginable ways. Finally, the curse hits an epic magnitude.

Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig is a collection of Japanese movies that promote extreme body horror. They’re considered to have a sordid history. Although these films are imaginary, they have been mistaken with real snuff films. It all began in the early 1990s when Charlie Sheen told the officials what he felt was a snuff film. What he was going to watch was a Guinea Pig movie. The creators then had to prove that the Guinea Pig sequence was false. One film was also discovered in the hands of the serial killer Tsutomu Miyazaki.