Recent Protests That Will Shock You
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Recent Protests That Will Shock You

You’d have to stay in an enclosed sensory deprivation tank these days in order not to be conscious of the intense suffering in society around the world. The pain has been stirring up for more than a decade. But at present, we seem to be reaching the height of its extremity. And if this isn’t the height of social unrest, I’m shuddering to think about where we’re going to go!

Palestinian Blue People

In an effort to put new focus to their dispute over the Palestinian-Israeli border wall, Palestinians were wearing a blue face and wearing Na’vi clothing from the movie Avatar. They claim that the wall is Israel’s land grab and that their own situation fits that of the fictional race. In retaliation, the Israelis were using tear gas to the demonstrators. Needless to say, there was no good result for the people in blue. 

Scrotum Protest

There’s no best way of putting it, so let’s put it out there. Pyotr Pavlensky, a Russian actor, wanted to nail his testicles to the red square in Moscow. It is to protest against the government’s attack on political dissidents. Pavlensky even sewed his lips shut and enclosed himself nude in a cocoon of barbed wire. 

Golden Showers

Heather Cassils, a male transgender actor and trainer from Canada who, after hearing the news that President Trump had scrapped Obama’s trans-bathroom rules, chose to start gathering all the urine from his golden shower of sexual activity in bottles to fill a 200- gallon tank at the Ronald Feldman Gallery.