Phobias You Should Know About
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Phobias You Should Know About

The mental illnesses are not unusual. It is reported that 19 million people in the USA have some kind of phobia. 12.5 percent of people will develop real phobias in their lifetime. 12.1 percent will encounter social phobias often in their lives. Such phobias, or unreasonable and recurring fears of an entity, animal, person, atmosphere or circumstance. It can range from spiders to fears of specific numbers to needles or aircraft.


It is the fear of blushing and is a nuanced phobia. Blushing is a physiological response to an unconscious survival instinct. An approximate 7% of the community that struggles from this phobia. It is vital for those seeking treatment to do so because it may lead to increased anxiety and depression.


It is the fear of people gazing at you or the fear of others staring at you. Scopophobia can vary from the fear of someone looking at you for a long time or the terror of even eye contact with yet another person or acquaintance. This fear is social phobia. This happens when people assume that they are being examined and judged by others.


An approximate 1 in 75.000 individuals, said to have been suffering from koumpounophobia fears of buttons. This phobia itself is wide-ranging despite being listed as a particular phobia in the DSM-V; some may fear the feel of the buttons, others may fear the cleanness of the buttons, and some may not even be able to see the button.