Memes You Should Know About
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Memes You Should Know About

Memes are cultural icons and sociological ideas that scatter virally, mainly with the aim of making people smile. If you find yourself to be web-savvy even in the smallest possible way, you’ll definitely reserve a unique place in your heart (and on your Twitter feed) for your beloved memes. One important thing about memes -if you don’t know what they are, the process of actually explaining them can confuse you completely.

Be Like Bill

This meme sprung to life and rapidly spread. Bill is a stick-person image of white space left behind for captioning. The meme is Bill wearing a hat. There are also images of Bill sitting on a computer. Bill allows you to make passive-aggressive social judgments about other people’s choices— an all-too alluring appeal in contemporary society.  To comment on something you don’t agree with, the harmless Bill stick figure is a simple way to convey your message.


This meme has been around for decades. It is a comedian bait-and-switch meme that refuses to go away. Rickrolling is when people claim to send key business links to emails, but actually send links to Rick Astley’s famous Never Gonna Give You Up music video from the 1980s. 


The viral news story soon turned into a meme, with Harambe reaching the top of the meme ecosystem for the majority of 2016. The spirit of America’s favorite gorilla is even sitting on the throne of Reddit’s memes page.