Magical Objects That Will Make You Question Reality
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Magical Objects That Will Make You Question Reality

Sorcery used to be all around. Although there are still areas where activity prospers nowadays, it’s not nearly as prevalent as it once was. What is still popular, and shockingly so, is items and pieces that assert magical powers, created by the shamans of the past and the present. While most people consider these as superstitious ornaments, some see them as real magic artifacts.   Sometimes hostile, sometimes friendly, but it is always fascinating.

Witch Bottles

The Witch Bottle was a common product in the 16th century to defend the home from harmful sorcery. The presumption at the time was that a witch might bring an entity, be it their own or someone else’s, to intimidate a person and give them a great illness.

Frog Coffins

The coffin had several uses, as shown by Finish legend. Like a witch jar, the frog container was used as a counter-magic tool to channel evil magic back onto the user and as a soothing charm. Nevertheless, unlike the witch jar, the frog coffins could also be a component of evil magic in and of themselves. It was undoubtedly more grotesque than a witch bottle to make.

Dried Cats

It seems that the Europeans had a fascination for holding strange objects all across their houses. Unlike witch bottles, dried cats were believed to shield the home from evil, and they are just what they sound. A cat, one of any type or appearance, would be murdered and then placed in a way that indicates an attack.