Life-Changing Science Discoveries
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Life-Changing Science Discoveries

Without these findings, we wouldn’t have moved forward. We will still be wondering about so much about life here on Earth. Here is an overview of some findings that altered the world. 


Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the most brilliant scientists of all time. He is an English mathematician and physicist. Probably the most essential of his many findings is his law of universal gravitation. Newton discovered in 1664 that gravity was the force attracting bodies to each other. It described why things are falling and why the planets are orbiting the Sun.


You can thank Michael Faraday if electricity makes life simpler for us. He has produced two great findings that have altered our lives. He found in 1821 that the wire will rotate when a wire carrying an electrical current is positioned next to a single magnetic pole. This resulted in the electric motor’s movement.


When Charles Darwin came up with evolution theory in 1859, he altered our understanding of how life evolved on earth. Darwin suggested that, over time, all organisms are evolving or changing very slowly. These modifications are adaptations that enable a species in its surroundings to survive.  He also coined the term Natural Selection, it is a process in evolution when an organism cannot adapt to its surroundings eventually it will die or worst go extinct.