Horrific Serial Killers From The Middle East You Should Know About
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Horrific Serial Killers From The Middle East You Should Know About

You might think that Middle Eastern nations are so rigid that murder is a rare occurrence. Or perhaps you can imagine conflict-torn countries where a bloodshed is a regular event rather than a surprising crime. In fact, the Middle East has a portion of serial killers, like any area, but you’re not likely to have heard of any of them.

Ali Reza Kordiyeh

Ali Reza Kordiyeh was dubbed as the “Tehran Vampire”. He was condemned to death in 1997. His crimes were raping and murdering 9 girls and women in the city within 4 months. He disguised as a taxi driver to gather victims of rape and burned their bodies to make recognition impossible. He raped and murdered a woman once along with her 9-year-old kid.

Dr. Louay Omar Mohammed Al-Taei

Louay Al-Taei murdered 43 patients in a hospital in Kirkuk, Iraq. It was over a period of 6 months, starting in October 2005. His victims were Iraqi soldiers and policemen taken to the hospital for surgery. He murdered them by turning off their respiratory systems, cutting off power from operating rooms, reopening their wounds, or administering lethal drugs.

Saeed Hanaei

The killings of Saeed Hanaei are believed to have covered the bodies like a spider Both his targets were prostitutes who had been taken from the streets of Mashad, Iran. He brought them to his place where they were suffocated with their headscarves and covered their bodies in their chessboards.  Once the body was discovered, Saeed would go back to the scene and sometimes even help the police take the remains to the ambulance.