Food You Should Try At least Once In Your Lifetime
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Food You Should Try At least Once In Your Lifetime

Trends come and go, but some of the products are the mainstays of the foodie scene. Chefs try to push the boundaries and expose diners to curiosities, from rare cuts of meat to regional dishes and delicious animal innards. 


While it’s something that would never reside in our safe portion, it is far more appetizing than it sounds to enjoy this Italian cured pig’s fat dish as a special treat. Enjoy it as you would any charcuterie, with crusty bread and pickles, and simply mix it through pasta, or use it as a pizza topping.

Razor clams

Whereas the typical clam is in a heart-shaped body, the razor clams are tubular and contain rather more flesh. Roast them on the grill as you would have done with calamari, steam with wine or vinegar, or try them cured with lemon juice and chili, better known as super-mode ceviche.


We’re not thinking about the chocolate type here. This expensive fungus grows wild, and despite the complicated way to produce it–using dogs or pigs for snuffing–the price tag ensures that the nearest many of us will be able to sample it is through truffle oil. If you put your hands on the diamond engagement ring of the food world, use it trimmed into pasta, risotto or scrambled eggs.