Food Blogs For Heavy Eaters
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Food Blogs For Heavy Eaters

What’s going to make an awesome food blog? Firstly, the acknowledgment that food blogging is different from food writing, or even investigating on food issues. Excellent food blogs go further than restaurants, recipes, scenes, celebrities, or trendy headlines. They’ve got a voice. They’ve got ideas. They have conversations with viewers and with every subject they do, whether they love it or not. And often, they don’t really love it.

Dave Arnold

If you’re a true food and science person, Dave Arnold should be your mentor. He is the Culinary Technology Director at the French Culinary Institute. Arnold spends his days doing weird food experiments and trying to play around with slot machines. He then tells you the coolest things he’s learned along the way, and how to translate it at home.

Amanda Cohen

At a time when chefs grovel for Twitter followers and just preparing food is rarely enough to make them meaningful, Cohen demonstrates that you can enjoy the game without giving up your soul. The actuality that she keeps her very strong, very amusing blog on her own restaurant site is symptomatic of her approach. Everything is personal and all the way back to Dirt Candy’s mission. 

Adam Roberts

He’s a divisive character, funny in that clumsy playful way. A portion of Amateur Gourmet’s popularity is its unbridled imagination, spanning from mini musicals to comics. If you don’t like reviews and tips, you might like video chats with food-world celebrities, or how-to, or the surreal dramatization of making a lobster roll.