Famous Korean Social Media Page
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Famous Korean Social Media Page

Social media have played a very important role in our lives, including in the planning of day-to-day operations. Web users are more than willing to share and record their personal experience and knowledge with different online communities. This is essentially intended to help other communities decide on their own schedules.


Line has a timelines feature that allows people to send private messages, share images, music, make video and voice calls. Even though this social networking site tends to be more popular among Japanese than Koreans, it is undeniably a key player for both. Line’s remarkable recorded sales come from a number of sources, including advertising deals from brands, products and services wishing to enter Line’s user base.

Kakao Talk

It was founded by the Korean corporation, Kakao Corporation, and is, therefore, the nation’s leader in social media. From a messaging service, Kakao Talk has broadened its scope through the exchange of information, images, unlimited voice, and video calls. Over 97 percent of smartphone users in Korea are active users, as described on their website, and currently, over 41 million are active users to date, making ads on Kakao platforms valuable and successful.


It is another blog type of social media site worth mentioning. It’s a pretty popular Japanese posting site and social networking service. Invented and run by CyberAgent, Inc., the all-Japanese site is clearly gaining traction, with its rising userbase reportedly around more than 10 million.