Current FBI’s Most Wanted You Should Be Aware Of
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Current FBI’s Most Wanted You Should Be Aware Of

Since its launch on March 14, 1950, 523 individuals are on the FBI’s Most Wanted list. It was under Director J. Edgar Hoover that the FBI agreed to report their most wanted criminals after William Kinsey Hutchinson’s article about the hardest men of the FBI became famous, and years later the most wanted FBI still fascinates the public.

Alejandro Rosales Castillo

Castillo is sought after for the cold-blooded killing of Tru Guan Lee back in August 2016. Rosales and Lee used to date, but Castillo had been borrowing money from Lee until they broke up. Later Castillo met Lee’s post to break up under the presumption of returning her money. It would seem that rather than holding Lee up at gunpoint, he emptied her cash accounts and took her to the forest before killing her, then leaving her body in a ravine.

Arnoldo Jimenez

Jimenez was placed on the most wanted list of the FBI on May 8, 2019. He is a fugitive. Arnoldo was arrested for the 2012 murder of his wife, Estrella Carrera, just a few hours after they had been wed. It is claimed that the couple got into the objection on their way back home from the wedding when Arnoldo assaulted Estrella several times, tossed her body to the bathtub in her house, and afterward left her there.

Jason Derek Brown

Jason Derek Brown is sought by the police for first-grade killing and robbery. He was named to the FBI Most Wanted list on December 8, 2007, three years after the crime occurred.