Creepy Methods In Flesh Preparation
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Creepy Methods In Flesh Preparation

Cannibalism is a true and taboos occurrence. For worship, vengeance appetite and creativity, people eat humans. Several ways to prepare human flesh are possible. The cooking techniques in cannibalistic culture are as diverse as the factors for the banned practices. 

Pindo Palm

The Peruvian Guayaki tribe learned something or two regarding eating humans. They were endo-cannibals who were eating their own dead. They’re not hunting down humans for food. Nonetheless, they’re not going to miss a chance for meat. They show that human flesh is delicious, like a wild hog. It is a little more delicate and coated in a layer of yellowish fat, making this unique among the animals of the forest.


Arrested on charges of kidnapping, torture and eating female victims In 2013, New York police officer Gilberto Valle was. Hunted for searching words such as “human meat recipes” and “how to cook a woman.” The manhunt for Valle’s co-conspirators became a global affair. Dale Bollinger, a nurse from Canterbury, England, was shortly captured by the authorities.


Imprisoned in Pakistan’s Bhakkar region for excavation the grave of a 24-year-old woman and preparing her in a curry, two siblings were. They were apprehended after the grave of Saira Parveen had been found vacant just two days after her burial. The search led to the siblings ‘ home, where the police found the remains of Parveen, together with the partially eaten body of a 4-year-old child. The brothers were charged with desecration of the graves and sentenced to death.