Crazy Stories About Alien Encounters
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Crazy Stories About Alien Encounters

There is a surprising difference between what aliens from outer space are widely thought to appear like, and what is actually reported. The common view is often short and thin, with white skin, big heads, big bug-like black eyes, and just a gap of the face. Beings such as these occur in movies and books and magazines all over the world as the generally accepted presence of real aliens from space.

Frog-typed Aliens

Harrison Bailey liked to explore so much that he figured out how to make the most of it. He had a large green tire with advertising space on the side of it, and he would have taken long walks riding it with sponsored ads. He was walking from Chicago, Illinois, to Joliet, on September 24, 1951, when he turned his big tire into a tiny forested area along the road near the town of Orland Park. 

Silver Beast

It’s been a hard night at a farmhouse in Kelly, Kentucky. It all began when Billy Ray Taylor saw a mysterious object flying around the sky with a rainbow track, and then fell into a deep creek nearby. Taylor went to the Sutten family farm house to inform everybody there what he had seen. But the relative thought he might have seen a falling star and was just exaggerating the facts.


It was during the night time and a foggy evening out in Frederic, Wisconsin, and farmer William Bosak was walking home from a meeting he had participated in the neighboring town of Frederic when his headlights mirrored on the left side of the road. Bosak was already driving at a slower pace, because of the fog, so he slowed down as he approached the target.