Crazy Mysteries Still Unsolved In 2019 You Should Know About
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Crazy Mysteries Still Unsolved In 2019 You Should Know About

In a haze, 2019 has flown by. In just over a couple of days, we’re going to celebrate Christmas again and then begin another new year. Mysteries are piling up all over the world as time accelerates. Some of them will finally be resolved, but others are doomed to remain unknown and hypothesized forever.

Smiley face murders

About 350 young men submerged in lakes as well as other bodies of water in Midwestern American states over a period of more than 20 years. It had become clear that policemen had come across graffiti in the form of smiley faces near at least 12 places where they had drowned. Many people, including NY investigators Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte, assume that these drowning deaths are crimes committed either by a single serial killer or by a team of serial killers.

Death of Ashley Turner

The 20 yr. old Ashley was stabbed in the chest and neck, but this seemed to be the only solid information about her death. There have been several inaccurate death certificates given, no upcoming assistance on death benefits and a lack of critical data from the military.

Little Girl Blue

Helen Bailey, 8 years old, loved to play outside and left Birmingham house to do just that on 10 August 1975. Her parents became worried about the failure of her daughter to return at a specified period and reported it to the police. His body was found in a dense forest in the Booth Farm area the following morning. There was a wound in her throat that was believed to be the cause of death.