Craziest Thefts That Will Blow Your Mind
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Craziest Thefts That Will Blow Your Mind

Theft is as popular as the spider in the kitchen. Yet car thieves and robbers have nothing to do with the strangest acts and henchmen in the world. Many individuals just want their own peculiarity and go off with sharks, or play a gaming dream inside the stolen aircraft. Some just want to get the money. Criminal gangs know obscure niches are lucrative. As a product, bridges and trees are trafficked when funding their crimes with avocados.

Surgically-Induced Kleptomania

When a 40-year-old woman was subjected to medical cosmetic surgery, no one could foresee the effects. Throughout 2016, the woman underwent an operation involving tummy tuck, arm lift, breast enlargement, and liposuction. The Brazilian mother was well enough to be discharged from the hospital a few days later. She had the first pang of kleptomania before long.

Metal Thieves

The trick to executing the big heist is an objective look and a flair. That’s how a gang made a large gain. They tried to steal the metal and sell it to an unsuspected distributor. The robbers weren’t content with a couple of wires or stealing someone’s outdoor plumbing. They turned their focus on the bridge and the train tracks nearby. The two lucrative features were found in the Czech Republic.

Avocado Thieves

As suspects decide what to do with high jack, avocados typically fail to make a list. The truth of Michoacán is very unique. When farmers move their crops, there is a high risk that the truck will be robbed. In reality, quite so many as avocado vehicles are hijacked in the Mexican state every day.