Cheapest Street Food You Can Find In Vietnam
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Cheapest Street Food You Can Find In Vietnam

Street food is the lifeblood of many Southeast Asian countries, and Vietnam is certainly one of them. They have one of the best food on the streets of the planet. Citizens there need fast, cheap and tasty food to get on with their productive week. For tourists, however, street food seems like a  roulette wheel. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to watch out for. 

Pho ( Rice Noodle Soup )

When it comes to street food in Vietnam, the most obvious candidate should be Vietnamese rice noodle soup. This national daily delicacy consists of rubbery rice noodles in steaming hot tasty broth with delicate slices of beef or chicken and finished with crunchy, spicy, herbal condiments. Certainly, nothing better than a nice bowl of chest-warming rice noodle soup to begin your day when you’re in Vietnam. 

Bánh mì ( Vietnamese Sandwich )

B ánh mì is also an extremely popular street food in Vietnam. It is a Viet-style French baguette sandwich that has built a reputation for itself worldwide. The crusty sandwich is filled with pickled vegetables, coriander, fresh chilli, meat cuts–most commonly pork. Certain toppings may include bacon, rice, meatballs and more.

Cao lầu ( Hoi An Noodles )

It is a noodle dish that is exclusive to Hoi An only and has a very interesting backstory. This Hoi An favorite dish is made up of udon-like noodles, bits of barbecued pork, clean and crisp greens and croutons.