Cameras Of 2018 You Should Know About Before Buying A New One
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Cameras Of 2018 You Should Know About Before Buying A New One

We all understand, of course, that there’s no bad camera anymore, but there’s something like a flat and boring rip off. Then there’s the material that has a shelf life of several months, you know it’s a stepping stone before the real deal comes. In many ways, 2018 was a decent year to keep on to what you have and start preparing for the smoke to clear. An unforgettable one for technology, especially in the second half where we’ve seen some flashes of the future.

Fuji X-T3

This may not be a full-frame camera, but this Fuji is lit. It has the most attractively priced and has a decent spec for its price. It deserves to be number one on merit for not tearing us off or cutting us short, even though it only has an APS-C camera with no IBIS. Unlike the utilitarian nature of the Nikon Z6 and the Sony A7 III, Fuji is truly a pleasure to look at and own.

Sony A7 III

It is the King of Image Quality for the 2000 dollar price range. There is no question about the technical prowess of this device, but some things seem dated now. Sony only took small steps in that direction in a variety of weak areas, such as color, menus, and ergonomics. It’s not number one on my list, as it should be, but they forgot to add some creativity.

Panasonic GH5S

The full-frame edition of this would be the top of the list, but before the S1 or the optimized video version of the S1, we practically have a cloned-GH5 that gives away with one hand while taking away with the other. It’s possible to see the GH5S as Panasonic doubling down as a video camera in stills camera form factor.