Brands That You Should Check On Social Media
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Brands That You Should Check On Social Media

Social media marketing may seem frightening. However, there are so many various social platforms–from Pinterest to Facebook to Twitter–and there are so many directives to recall for each of them. If you’re a busy business owner, you may not have the time to keep up with them. So how are you going to become one of the best brands on social media?


A well-known brand that belongs to Kellogg’s, Pop-Tarts has been producing sugary toaster baked goods since 1964. And their Twitter account is doing everything correctly. The minds behind their Twitter account is sarcastic and adheres to younger, Twitter-savvy demographics. Tweets from the business don’t sound like they’re coming from a label. Alternatively, their tone represents the tone of many famous Twitter accounts. 


This athletic company that manufactures boots, sportswear and much more are one of the top brands on social media. Reebok has a solid overall digital advertising plan and is doing a great job of using different social channels. Reebok’s Instagram is full of fun fitness images. It’s a sporty Facebook page featuring pictures of the latest Reebok shoe.


StubHub is an eBay-owned company. It is the world’s largest ticket site, enabling people to buy and sell tickets to sporting events, music festivals and more. The 50,000 monthly viewers of StubHub differ across various categories.