Bizarre Looking Shoes
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Bizarre Looking Shoes

Shoes protect our feet it is both a necessity and a luxury. It keeps our feet from scathing through the layer of materials that the shoe is made of. It is also a fashion statement that can turn your look from plain to extraordinary. But there are some people who make a statement with the shoes they are wearing. Some of the most bizarre shoes you can buy are listed in this post.

Skull Purgatory Pump Heels

This quite elegant and stylish pump heel tops the list of our bizarre-looking shoes. This handmade shoe is not exclusive to your Halloween party but you can also wear them anywhere, in fact, you can wear the white version of this skull pumps to a wedding to add that fashion statement to your outfit.

Alice Malice Wonderland Pumps

If you love Alice in Wonderland, then this shoe is for you. These very detailed shoes have everything inspired by Alice. The blue colored dress of Alice, lace, teacups, crystals, and texture.

Octopus Shoes

This shoe can be considered as the weirdest shoe on the list. Made by Filipino designer Kermit Tesoro. This unique shoe is something that only brave people can wear but you can look at them the whole day to contemplate marine life, human anatomy, and physics.