Best Place To Buy Fresh Seafood
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Best Place To Buy Fresh Seafood

Is there something better than putting a bagful of spicy steamed crabs on a table? Here you can find the best fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, and bivalves in D.C. It’s D.C. Fishmongers do a good job of picking and buying cheaper fish, crabs, and more to market. Here’s our list of where you’re supposed to go shopping for your next seafood party.

Jessie Taylor Seafood

By far, this is one of the largest stalls on Maine Avenue. Jessie Taylor Seafood even has a different side for their gigantic steamers. Don’t be slow, whatever you do, and purchase the already steamed crabs. You have to go to the right side, pick them up while they’re alive, then go to the left-hand side to get them steamed.

Captain White’s Seafood

Almost the complete far side of Maine Avenue fish market is dominated by Capt White. They have a diverse range of specialty products, such as octopus, Chucky oysters, and seasonal roe. This is where you’re going to go for shrimp. Here you will find several various sizes and references, and the range is actually bewildering. They’re having some great fresh seafood, too, so keep a close eye out on what looks best when you’re out.

The Market

For a few regular seafood offerings, head to Ivy City. They are carefully chosen by the experts in fish markets. Local oysters and crabs are accessible in the restaurant, just in case you do not want to bring them home and mess with them yourself.