Best Family Guard Dogs
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Best Family Guard Dogs

Having another living thing in your home adds a sense of security. Families wanting to go a step further opt for getting a guard dog. Having a dog truly offers protection from strangers and potential intruders from entering the place.

German Shepherd

This large, muscular breed of dog is a gentle and immensely courageous family pet. Unafraid, German shepherds will put themselves in danger to save a loved on. Many of these well-breed dogs become police and military dogs.

Doberman Pinscher

An intelligent, easily-trained dog breed but also athletic is the Doberman pinscher. With their very intimidating look, the Doberman pinscher protects you even with just their presence. This breed is very strong and they tend to be destructive if they’re not trained so obedience training is strongly recommended.


Many people think this breed looks menacing. As true enough as it is, the boxer is an active, bright, fun-loving and extremely loyal dog breed. This is the perfect breed for young children since they are best suited for alerting their owners.