Awesome Accessories for Your Dogs
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Awesome Accessories for Your Dogs

They say a dog is the best friend of a man, and we are in complete agreement. There are moments in life when you’re going to be stressed, dissatisfied, and frustrated, but Fido will always be with you to make sure you’re never alone. A friend this loyal deserves to be taken care of. Every day we scour the web for the best gear and gadgets for us guys, and now it’s your pup’s turn to get in on the action.

Glowdoggie Illuminated LED Dog Collar

Who suggests that when the sun goes down, the fun has to stop? This waterproof dog collar guarantees that at all hours of the day or night your pet pal is seen. Seeing that these are the same dog collars used by K9 Search and Rescue units worldwide, you can expect nothing but the highest quality. The LED will also last 17 years.

Dog Mansions

Isn’t it time to start living the high life of your pup? High-end luxury dog houses produced to order are produced from top-notch products, including almost unbreakable varnished wood and window glass. But don’t expect that these will come inexpensive.

Sony Action Camera Dog Mount

Have him the camera guy the next time you’re heading out on an adventure with your dog. Compatible with Sony’s HD Action Cam, this device mounts from a dog’s point of perspective to medium to big dogs exceeding 33 pounds, producing a good action video.