Artworks Created by Depressed People Depicting Depression
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Artworks Created by Depressed People Depicting Depression

Mental health issues have also risen today. A lot of poetry, blogs, and even literature has stemmed out of people suffering a lot of mental disorders. One common mental issue that has plagued most of our youth is depression and here are a few ways artists expressed their own depression.

Major Depressive Disorder by Shawn Cross

This may be a scary and realistic representation of how depression somehow and slowly rid you of your sane mind. The artwork itself feels like constantly being dragged down, making one want to rip out one’s own mind for thinking otherwise. It may not be the kind of art people would immediately appreciate but it is still, a pure form of art.

Falling, Sketch No. 55 by Clara Lieu 

One might assume the color black highlights how dark suffering depression is. The artist, diagnosed with depression, decided to release a collection of sketches and paintings that show how she has suffered and slowly recovered. This may not look like progress right now but slow progress is something you should still acknowledge since battling with oneself will absolutely make you feel like you’d always lose.

Black Paintings Spanish: “Pinturas negras” by Francisco Goya

This painting was done in complete isolation. Depression is not something you “think” just exists, since it is there, undermining people who suffer this mental illness should not be something society should do or even think about doing. Looking at the details of this artwork will make you rethink a lot about how society is when it comes to illnesses involving mental health.