5 Dangerous Spiders in the World
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5 Dangerous Spiders in the World

Spiders can be found whether you’re out in the wilderness or you’re just in your own home. They have a bad reputation as creepy crawlers that we see in horror movies or haunted houses. Here are some of the dangerous spiders found in the world.

Phoneutria spiders

Found in Brazil. The life span of these creatures depends on its location. They tend to live in humid places and most likely to be nocturnal because they use their sharp eyes to hunt for prey.

Southern black widow spiders

They are very venomous. They can be found in the Southeast United States. This classification of spider was called a widow spider because they eat their mate after the copulation. It is also carnivorous and very harmful

Tarantula Spiders

They are members of the family of Theraphosidae. This type of spider is very common to us. Some keep them as pets but little did we know that tiny hairs of tarantula can cause skin irritation and blindness if worse.

Funnel web spiders

Found in Australia, some of the members of this family are deadly but we can prevent the casualty through modern first aid techniques and anti-venom.

Brown recluse spiders

They are like black widows which are very poisonous. They may look like a spider in our houses because of their common characteristics.